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We have Koala Studio and Horn of America Furniture for your sewing, quilting or crafting needs. The store has Horn of America and Koala Studio brands.  They offer a wide variety of cabinets that are designed to meet your needs.  If you are creating your dream sewing studio both manufacturers have sewing cabinets with height adjustment or electric/hydraulic lift.  Some cabinets offer multiple drawers, storage for embroidery hoops, threads and notions.  Other cabinets offer storage with extension tables.  If you need additional storage for notions or supplies a caddie may be your choice.  

If you are limited on space or your use a part of another room, consider a small sewing center or storage cabinet that can be closed to serve as a functional accent piece in your room.  The shop has a number of models that you can explore.  The team will be happy to assist you to find the perfect solution to meet your needs.